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The Christian life is a calling to a life of the supernatural and endless possibilities, where we recognise no obstacles or limitations. It is a place of advancement from glory to glory. If Christianity was about the casting out, breaking of yokes, one on one consultations, breakthrough sessions every month and stepping out every year, then it would not be true if we said we have the good news of the gospel. Thank God we have the true Gospel, where if any man is in Christ, he has entered into his rest. There is subsequently no reason to walk around in circles in the name of; “I must be delivered”. It cannot be!


When we look through the teaching of God's word, we observe that God delivered the children of Israel through the hands of Moses. God made them realise that there was a land to which He was taking them to. This generation however, needed deliverance from Pharaoh. They sank into despondency and wept their life through. This generation knew a life of suffering and hardship only. They prayed for deliverance. Deliverance was preached and prophesied to them. They needed deliverance from Pharoah who had power over them and God was their succor. They needed deliverance workshops and Step out conferences. It seems this generation had a deliverance, breakthrough, captivity and free us mentality.


We have two groups in the wilderness, firstly, we have the group that was born in Egypt and the group that was born in the wilderness. The group that was born in Egypt was DELIVERED from Pharoah. They needed to testify and say; “Thank God we were delivered from Pharoah”. It would be very wrong for them to then ask God for deliverance or partake in any step out conferences. Even the Prophets would need to update their prophetic softwares, because it would be wrong to prophesy; “I see you coming out”. They would need a Teacher who would title his message; “Now that you are out”. The latter group (Born in in the wilderness) are not delivered from Pharoah. They were never in Egypt and they have never met Pharoah. They were never bound and they didn’t step out from anything. All they know about Pharoah is the testimony of those who were once in Egypt. There is only one thing in common about these two groups or generations – MARCHING TO THE PROMISED LAND. The Prophet is then permitted to say; “Not many years from now you will enter the promised land, keep on pushing, keep on pressing”. It seems everything beautiful and glorious will only take place in the future. These people had the mind set of hustling, pushing, marching on and going through obstacles. They had to surmount obstacles posed by the river and the giants.


When you study the new testament, you will notice that the old testament has types and shadows. For example: the promise land (Canaan) is actually our place in Christ. There are people from group 1 and 2 who made it to the promised land. But there is a Group/Generation that was born in the promised land. These ones are not going to the promised land, they were born there! They don’t need any deliverance from Pharoah, they are not the delivered or the healed. They are not even the forgiven or bound. The songs of freedom are then irrelevant for them. They are NEW! They don’t need the Lord to make a way because they have become way makers.

As far as God is concerned, we were born in Christ, the promise land. The New Creation has been packaged in a place called Christ! He is a Heavenly being in earthly clothing.

That is why as a Christian, it is important that you know the word of God. You need to know that we have not arrived in the place of abundance, where we enjoy unlimited wealth and divine health, we were born there! According to God, we were never in bondage, we were never in the wilderness. We were born into Christ; our promised land. We have come to our place of rest, which is in Christ Jesus, whose icons we are. We have the same life and nature with Him, as he is so are we. He has blazed the trail for us, showing us that we don't need to command the red sea to open up, because we are not marching anywhere. We don't need to fight giants, because in this land, they do not exist, we don't recognise their presence. It’s a mirage, a lying vanity. We refuse to recognise any obstacles! For we are inhabitants of the glorious land. We walk by faith and not by site, our ministrations will not encourage people to walk by site and observe lying vanities. It is important for us to realise that this land to which we belong does not operate like the wilderness, we are in a whole new world. We were born and belong in the land of Glory, honour and prosperity. So instead of moving around in cycles, trying to become who you are, trying to receive what you already have, your meetings are now centred around discovering this new glorious land and you focus on global evangelization. It would then be an error to prophesy; “You are coming out,” remember, you are now seated with Jesus far above all curses and demons of darkness. You are now in mount Zion, the city of the living God, to an innumerable company of angels not demons. You were never in Egypt, you were never in the wilderness. You were born in Christ, let this be your consciousness. Minister with this consciousness. No wonder he calls us a Chosen Special Generation.

Once the church begins to set its focus on these truths, It will centralize it’s attention on the bigger picture which is to walk in the reality of what the scriptures say about it and actively participate in Global Evangelism. Moreover, the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ cannot be overemphasized enough and this is what Jesus is coming back for, a church that has fully apprehended that it’s perfect and complete in Christ without spot or wrinkle but fulfilling it’s divine mandate of soul winning.


Father I thank you for I am in Christ where I have arrived in my place of abundance, where I’m enjoying unlimited wealth, divine health and prosperity. I set all my energies on Global Evangelism being conscious of the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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25 jun 2020

Ohhh glory to God, I have no memory of Egypt or the wilderness I do not relate to these places but I have come to an understanding that I was in the city of milk and honey, the city where sickness and diseases are not granted access, I'm born in the city of endless supply, I'm an offspring of the promised land hallelujah 🙌🏽 🔥

Me gusta

30 mar 2019

Hallelujah! I don't need deliverance. I am a new kind of creature, one thats complete and perfect! I am not marching to my place of abundabce and wealth. I was born there. Now the only marchibg I do is that of victory and of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! Giants are not a factor to me, they are rendered ineffective in my presence! Glory! I live the higher life!

Me gusta

26 mar 2019

This is so powerful as it reveals to us which group the born again believer falls under. We are born in Christ, born in glory, born wealthy and prosperous! We were never in Egypt nor the wilderness. All my attention therefore is set on global evangelism, which city, nation or continent is next to subdue for our glorious kingdom! 💪

Me gusta

Oh dear Lord Jesus! This is so profound, as a child of God, I was not called to a life of going to and fro seeking for deliverance and breakthrough NO! For I was never in bondage, but I’ve been called to a life of the supernatural and endless possibilities, I was born in the land of glory, honour and prosperity (In Christ Jesus) my promised land.

I belong to a peculiar generation, a generation that knows and can comprehend these truth, that they have come to their place of rest and abundance in Christ Jesus, where we enjoy unlimited wealth and divine health, we were born in this place.

Amazing Realities indeed

Me gusta

oh hallelujah!,I don't need to be delivered, I don't need to fight the giants , I don't need to open the red sea,I wAs never in bondage, I was born in a place called Christ , the promise land,the place of honour and prosperity ,im In zion the city of the living God , a place far above the demons and curses,it is a place of rest where we enjoy unlimited wealth and divine health where obstacles doesn't exist.Thank you sir for the powerful article

Me gusta
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