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The epistles are special out breathings of the spirit addressed to the new man who is in Christ Jesus. When we study the word of God in the Pauline revelations, we discover truths that are operative in the now of our lives. Being in Christ and being born again, everything about your life is brand new.

According to the word of God in 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says; "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; BEHOLD, all things have become new." The Christian is not the poor trying to be rich or the sick trying to be healed, instead they are the glory of God and the perfection of his divine excellence.

The underlined word "behold" means a lot, even though not many pay attention to its importance in this verse. It's a word that calls your attention to the truth. God wants you to SEE that all things have become new.

If ALL things have become NEW, then there is nothing to breakthrough from or be delivered from. To understand this better, Imagine a baby that was born today in the morning saying; “LORD FORGIVE ME FOR ALL THE SINS I COMMITED YESTERDAY” or the Baby saying “I BREAK THE DEMON THAT HAS BEEN STOPPING YOUR PROGRESS.” This however, will subsequently contradict what was unveiled to us in our opening scripture.

God wants us to SEE the NEW, not just to SEE, but it matters how and what we SEE, because there is a lot to SEE. Don’t SEE the lesser and miss the greater. Everything that God has said about you in his word is a reality! In a similar sense, the Bible says we must judge all prophecies with the correct description, in other words locate the Christian according to God's plan for their life.

You cannot get the ID number correct or describe the Christian by what the circumstance may describe and miss the present hour reality of the Christian. You don't get the name correct and SEE lying vanities which are in contrary with what God has said in his word. The status of a Christian is not in the realm of the Spirit but in the epistles. Anything contrary to who you are in Christ is a false prophesy.

Understand this, God locates you based on who you are in Christ. See what he sees in you! (Judges 6:15) reiterates to us how the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon saying: "The Lord is with you, Mighty man of valor”. Gideon was young and the least in his family, which hailed from the poorest. But see how the angel of the Lord located him. Remarkably, he didn't say; "young poor man." He was located by the reality of how God saw him.

If we carry on to teach: “let the weak say I am strong,” then we should locate them based on their strength in Christ. This explicates a Christians place as a present hour saint. Everything about the Christian has been reconciled to ensure that the brand new life and divine life that God ordained is what they actually have.

You are not someone who has merely become religious, you are a new person with a new life, without a past. Everything about your life now carries divinity in it.

You will comprehend and appreciate the potency of this life and experience it in its fullness as God's spirit unveils these realities to you as you study his word.


I am a new creation. I have the life and nature of God. My eyes are opened to see the new. I see that sickness is not a factor in my life, the devil is completely disarmed. I live the transcendent life in Christ. Reigning above all situations of life. Glory!


2 Corinthains 5:17 NKJV

Jonah 2:18 KJV

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